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Chlorinated isocyanurates, often referred to as chlorinated dry bleaches (CDBs), are used in a variety of applications from water and surface sanitizing to fabric bleaching to algae removal and more. Clearon manufactures and distributes two different CDBs, each being characterized by its available chlorine content. Both materials are produced in various forms and blends. This allows us to meet the needs of most applications.


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CDB-56 Molecular Structure

CDB-56 has the lower available chlorine content of our two bleaches, but dissolves quickly.  It is best suited for on-demand or fast acting applications.

CDB90 Molecular Structure

Our CDB-90 product is stronger than CDB-56, but dissolves at a much slower rate.  It is more appropriate for long term, sustained chlorination needs.

Our Products



CDB-90 tablets are commonly used in swimming pools to maintain the proper concentration of chlorine needed to kill bacteria and algae in the water. Our CDB-90 comes in a granulated form, as well as several different pressed forms.


sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate

With its quick dissolving time CDB-56 is an excellent choice for water sanitizing such as what occurs with pool shock treatments. Our CDB-56 comes in several granulations, and can also be pressed into various tablets and other forms.